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of the world's tap water is contaminated and not safe to drink.

Sufficient clean water and sleep purify the body and mind.

O-OPRESSO Technology

Changing TAP water into TOP water

1. Who We Are?

Sterwater International introduces OeauO, a freestanding appliance featuring our Opresso filtration technique, that converts tap water into OeauO: safe and healthy drinking water with superb taste and maximum clarity.

2. What We Do?

With OeauO, Sterwater International answers the urgent demand for safe and healthy drinking water and the reduction of plastic waste. Our sustainable solution to purify tap water offers our customers easy access to safe and healthy drinking water, right in the comfort of home.

3.Our Goals

OeauO represents a new international standard in safe and healthy drinking water. With OeauO, transporting costly water bottles that harm the environment, will become history.


Water in our body performs several functions: it prevents dehydration, it maintains body temperature and blood volume, it dissolves nutrients that the body needs. With too little fluid intake, the body starts to dehydrate which leads to fatigue, headaches and loss of concentration. Proper hydration helps the body function as it should and water is an important contributor to this.
Drinking Water and Sustainability
Internationally, many billions have been invested in the production and distribution of tap water. Hundreds of thousands of miles water pipes have been laid underground worldwide. During transport, tap water is transported under pressure and pumped around. During this process, leakages occur, causing potential contamination of the tap water. In order to protect the unsafe tap water against bacterial contamination, chlorine/chloride is added to the water, among other things.
Indoor tap water usually stands still for the end user consumption, causing the temperature in the thin pipes to rise. The carefully prepared tap water is therefore not always safe. This is also the reason why tap water regularly does not have drinking water qualification, with the exception of some countries where leakages do not or rarely occur. In these countries the tap water does have the qualification to be drinking water like in The Netherlands.
The bottled water industry is grateful and made use of this uncertainty. These companies now produce and transport daily more than one and a half billion plastic bottles. More than one million plastic bottles per minute, 60 million per hour, 500 billion per year. This makes the mighty water industry a huge engine in the production of C02. Hundreds of millions of bottles become filled daily and transported from around the world. Recycling again means transport, production, storage and distribution, a process of endless multiplication of new C02. An unstoppable process. Even worse, almost 50 percent of bottled water is made from filtered tap water! The packaging, storage, transport and recycling is therefore an unnecessary multiplication of C02 compared to using tap water. While tap water comes automatically and practically free of charge from the tap.
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